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What's Inside Our Gym Bag

What's Inside Our Gym Bag


Here at Tigerlilly, we support an active way of living, and in order to keep consistent and motivated, being organised and prepared will help maintain your active goals! That's why we're excited to show you what we keep in our gym bags at all times - making sure we have what we need to have an enjoyable workout, while looking and feeling great!

Before we get into what goes inside our gymbag, we have to tell you about which gymbag we're using, and that's none other than the award winning burner gym duffle  bag by Vooray.  The versatility, organization and durability of the VOORAY Burner Gym Duffel is unmatched. It has a separate shoe compartment, water bottle holder, ventilated compartments to hold sweaty clothes and plenty of room inside for your other gear. What more could you need?


Now moving onto the 10 essentials we're packing in our gym bag:

1. Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated while on the go is essential to your health! And we all know there's nothing worse than reaching for your water bottle and taking a sip of lukewarm water, so make sure you're using a temperature controlled or temperature-locked water bottle to enjoy cool sipping. Our go-to water bottle is the NATURAL LIFE's ultra-durable and stylish Stainless Steel Water Bottle that keeps your liquids cold for over 8 hours and hot for 4 hours, all while looking fashionable.

 2. Toe Sox

The studio and work out game changer! We simply cannot get active in the studio without a pair of TOE SOX! A range of stylish and unique socks designed to protect feet during barefoot classes while also supporting natural movement. And with so many styles and colours to choose from, we can pack a different pair for every outfit!


3. Sports Bra

As women, we know how unbearable a workout can be when you leave your gym bra at home! Keeping your chest supported, secure and in place ensures a comfortable workout. When selecting the right sports bra for you - support and comfort are the most important! Our range of sports bra brands are not only highly comfortable and supportive, but incredibly stylish! 

4. Gym Clothes

This may be an obvious one, but packing in a stylish gym outfit will keep you motivated and keen to step into the gym or studio! Whether you're a leggings, shorts or matching set girlie, the key to feeling confident in what you're wearing is to wear clothing that is supportive, made from high-quality materials and is sweat & water resistant to prevent those embarrassing sweat marks! We can be sure to have our gym bag packed with activewear from TAVI, FitGymwear, Coconut Active and more! 


5. Sneakers or Trainers!

Your gym outfit isn't complete with a good old pair of trainers! Depending on your activity, making sure you have the right shoe to accompany your movement is essential for avoiding muscle straining and injury! 


6. Workout Accessories

Your workout is only going to get better with workout accessories! Depending on the activity of the day, we're making sure that we've got the necessary accessories in our bag to level-up our work out - these usually include our Lisa Raleigh weighted wrist and ankle straps, Bounti Infinity Mini Resistance Bands, or Nova Woolf Cotton Yoga Straps   



7. Headphones or Earphones

What workout is complete without some motivational tracks to keep you moving! We always make sure to have a charged up pair of bluetooth earphones in our gym bag so we can stay focused and energised through out our workout! 


8. Sweat Towel

Always bring your own clean towel so that when you finish your workout you have a fresh one to pat dry with.


9. Hand Sanitiser, Deodorant & Hair Brush. 

Before you step out of the studio or gym, a quick freshening up is the last feel-good boost you need after a great work out! Cleansing your hands with sanitiser post-workout will eliminate any sweat and germs from your hands. Having your favourite deo to spray on and a light brush through your hair will make you feel nice and fresh.


10. The Perfect Cover-Up 

We all know the comfort of throwing on a hoody or cardigan after a great workout! Step out of the gym in style and comfort with the perfect cover up. We're packing our favourite TAVI NOIR Cozy Half Zip .


So tell us, what are you packing in your gym bag, and anything on our list that you want to add to yours? Comment down below to let us know!

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