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Improving Your Morning Meditation

Improving Your Morning Meditation


If you suffer from morning anxiety, tend to stress about your “to-do-list” as soon as you wake up or you’re simply looking to improve your morning routine, morning meditation is a great place to start. Starting your day with positive thinking will help you set the tone for a happy, productive, and positive day.

Bringing a 30-minute morning meditation into your daily routine can help you gather your thoughts, realign your strategy for the day and increase productivity all around. Research states that as little as 20 minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress and anxiety, boost your mood and energy levels, and help regulate your emotions, leading to less meltdowns and feelings of being overwhelmed.

If you're new to meditation, a short morning meditation of up to 30 minutes is the ideal length of time to start with. As you slowly get into the routine of meditating, you may feel an immediate mood boost, that will make you want to make morning meditation part of your everyday routine. Try it and watch as the benefits translate to a larger portion of your life.

It’s important to set aside a few extra minutes at the beginning of the day, pre-meditation time,  to ensure that you enjoy a peaceful meditation session. This means you can fully prepare to get the most out of your morning meditation and enjoy some alone time before the rest of the house wakes up. 


Mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere that you can focus. Here are our go-to steps to follow when preparing and starting your meditation:

1.    Find a quiet space. Turn your phone on silent and go into a room away from others. Make sure there is nothing to disturb you before you start meditation.

2.   Do a pre-meditation stretch. 
Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your session to warming up. This helps to loosen your muscles that may be cold, stiff or tight. Stretch out your arms, your legs and bend over and up to stretch out your back. A great and controlled way to stretch is to use resistance bands, which are effective in increasing your flexibility and range of motion. By using a resistance band, you can get deeper into a stretch with added support to avoid straining yourself.

When stretching and warming up, our go-to bands are the BOUNTI Mini Infinity Bands - highly durable, functional and available in stunning tonal colours that will match any aesthetic.


3. Sit in a comfortable position.  Once you have warmed up, make sure you have a comfortable sitting space to meditate on. You can make use of a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. If you have difficulties with your back or maintaining a good posture then a meditation cushion is the best accessory to help improve your experience as the support will help relieve the excess pressure you might experience.

Did you know? Tigerlilly proudly stocks award-winning, innovative and functional Yoga Mats and Meditation Cushions from local and international yoga brands NovaWoolf and ASOKA 


5.  Begin Your Meditation. Close your eyes, breathe gently and turn off your thoughts. If you are struggling to calm your mind, focus your attention on each inhale and exhale of your gentle breathing. Alternatively, you can begin with a mental body scan: focus on each part of the body, count down from your head to your toes, imagining each part as you go and pausing to notice the sensations you feel at each point.

6. Let distractions come and go.  Remember that the practice of meditation takes time and patience, so don't be discouraged if your mind continues to wander. With consistent practice, you will find it easier to stay focused and present at the moment.


7. Complete Your Meditation.  Once you've completed your meditation, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and start your day on a clearer note. Make a conscious effort to make meditating part of your everyday routine to experience its full range of wellness benefits.

Comment and let us know what your meditation best practices are.



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